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If you have any further questions or comments on the ERA-CRN, please do not hesitate to contact the ERA-CRN coordinators, namely:

You can also follow us on Twitter @EUknowledge or connect with us on Facebook.


The ERA-CRN has a communications list which you can join via ‘Jiscmail’ under the list name ‘era-crn’.

The communications list is currently used by the coordinators of the ERA-CRN to announce calls (academic and funding), publications, projects of interest, research findings and policy recommendations related to the governance of the ERA. It is also hoped that the communications list will come to act as an open forum for debates and exchanging information for all its members.

The ERA-CRN welcomes scholars at all career stages (from postgraduates to early-stage and senior researchers) and disciplines working on the ERA, or who could evidence contributions to at least one of three research clusters within the network. We encourage European and national practitioners with a demonstrable interest in ERA issues to join. We especially urge UACES members with an interest in any of the ERA-related issues to participate in our activities.

If you would like to join the ERA-CRN communications list, please send an e-mail to this effect to Dr Meng-Hsuan Chou at Hsuan [at] stating in brief your motivation(s) for joining the list, your institutional affiliation, and whether you have previously published or conducted studies in this area.

Should you simply be interested to learn more about the work of the ERA-CRN, please check this website regularly for updates on members’ news and/or follow us on Twitter @EUknowledge for updates!

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