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  • Corina Balaban (doctoral education: governance and transformations in the knowledge economy) – DPU Aarhus University, coba [at]
  • Beverly Barrett (EHEA governance, political economy) – University of Miami, b.barrett [at]
  • Diana J Beech (ERA policy analysis from a values-driven perspective) – University of Cambridge, djb96 [at]
  • Alberto Benitez (Higher education policy, university governance) – CSIC Institute of Public Goods and Policies, Alberto.Benitez [at]
  • Rasmus G. Bertelsen (Universities as transnational actors, elite socialization) – Aalborg University, rasmus [at]
  • Ulrich Brasche (European integration, globalization) – FH-Brandenburg, University of Applied Sciences, ulrich.brasche[at]
  • Lucie Cerna (Talent migration, education policy) – University of Oxford, lucie.cerna [at]
  • Vannarith Chheang (Asia-Europe inter-regionalism) – University of Leeds, chheangcam [at]
  • Meng-Hsuan Chou (ERA, talent migration, global governance of knowledge) – Nanyang Technological University, hsuan.chou [at]
  • Mario Coccia (ERA, global governance of knowledge) – National Research Council of Italy, m.coccia [at]
  • Laura Cruz-Castro (Europe of Knowledge, academic careers, higher education policy) – CSIC Institute of Public Goods and Policies, Laura.Cruz [at]
  • Jan De Groof (Education policy, law, HE governance, policy, legislation) – College of Europe, Tilburg, Antwerp, UNESCO, Jan.DeGroof [at]
  • Mari Elken (Europe of Knowledge, higher education and education policy in Europe) – University of Oslo, mari.elken [at]
  • Tero Erkkilä (ERA, knowledge governance, rankings) – University of Helsinki, tero.erkkila [at]
  • Tim Flink (ERA, ERC genesis, sociology of knowledge) – WZB Berlin Social Research Center, tim.flink [at]
  • Tatiana Fumasoli (EHEA, research policy, organizational studies) – University of Oslo, tatiana.fumasoli [at]
  • Andrea K Gideon (ERA policy, German, Dutch and English research policy) – University of Liverpool, a.k.Gideon [at]
  • Lukas Graf (Bologna Process, EQF, Copenhagen Process for VET) – University of Luxembourglukas.graf [at]
  • Laurens Hessels (Research collaborations) – Rathenau Instituut, l.hessels [at]
  • Jeroen Huisman (EHEA) – Ghent UniversityJeroen.Huisman [at]
  • Manja Klemencic (EHEA, ERA and research policy in Western Balkans) – Harvard University, manja.klemencic [at]
  • Thomas Koenig (European science policy, research funding, academic exchange) – University of Vienna, thomas.koenig [at]
  • Janja Komljenovic (EHEA policy analysis, HE and ERA reforms) – University of Bristol, janja.komljenovic [at]
  • Göran Melin (EHEA, evaluations and policy studies on HE and R&D) – Technopolis Groupgoran.melin [at]
  • Barend van der Meulen (Europeanisation and national science policies) – Rathenau Instituut, b.vandermeulen [at]
  • María del Carmen Calatrava Moreno (ERA doctoral structures, research interdisciplinarity in higher education) – Vienna University of Technology, maria.moreno [at]
  • Terhi Nokkala (ERA, EHEA, policy construction, discourse) – University of Jyvaskyla, terhi.nokkala [at]
  • Éidín O’Shea (Knowledge exchange policy and practice, engaged scholarship) – University of Southern Queensland, eidin.O’Shea [at]
  • Marie-Luce Paris (European legal education, exchange and research programmes in law) – University College Dublin, [at]
  • Sonia Pavlenko (Philosophy of higher education) – Babes-Bolyai University, sonia.pavlenko [at]
  • Thomas Pfister (Knowledge politics, STS, Social studies of European studies) – Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen, Thomas.Pfister [at]
  • Romulo Pinheiro (Europe of Knowledge, higher education policy in Europe, horizontalization) – University of Agder, romulo.m.pinheiro [at]
  • Marta Ponikowska (European Higher Education Area) – University of Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski (PhD seminar), m.ponikowska [at]
  • Justin JW Powell (EHEA, comparative institutional analysis, research universities) – University of Luxembourg, justin.powell [at]
  • Pauline Ravinet (EHEA emergence and governance) – Universite Lille 2, pauline.ravinet-2 [at]
  • Filipa M Ribeiro (Sociology of knowledge, social networks) – Univ. of Porto / Autonomous Univ. of Barcelona, filipa.ribeiro [at]
  • Mabel Sanchez-Barrioluengo (Higher education) – INGENIO (CSIC-UPV) Universitat Politècnica de Valencia, msbarrioluengo [at]
  • Luis Sanz-Menendez (Europe of Knowledge, Europeanisation and national research policies, Higher education policy) – CSIC Institute of Public Goods and Policies, Luis.Sanz [at] 
  • Julie Smith (EU policymaking) – University of Cambridge, jes42 [at]
  • Andrew Tebbutt (FP7 project management, departmental research, int. collaborations) – Imperial College London, a.tebbutt [at]
  • Anna Tschaut (ERA, EHEA, early-stage researchers) – Univ. of Applied Sciences & Arts Northwestern Switzerland, annatschaut [at]
  • Charikleia Tzanakou (Human resources and mobility in the ERA) – Univ. of Warwick / Univ. of Oxford, charikleia.tzanakou [at]
  • Inga Ulnicane (ERA and global governance of knowledge) – University of Twente, ingaulnicane [at]
  • Amélia Veiga (European education policy analysis) – Centre for Research on Higher Education Policies (CIPES), aveiga [at]
  • Nikos Vogiatzis (ERA, law) – University of Liverpool, n.vogiatzis [at]
  • Martina Vukasovic (EHEA policy analysis, Europeanisation of HE and research) – Ghent University, Martina.Vukasovic [at]
  • Elona Xhaferri (Inclusive education, EHEA governance) – Council of Europe, elonaxhaferri [at]
  • Mitchell Young (ERA, policies for research evaluation and funding) – Charles University in Prague, young.mitchell [at]

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