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CFP: Party politics and higher education (ECPR 2015)

Panel title: Party politics and higher education

Abstract: Political parties are quintessential actors in politics and policymaking, yet our understanding of them in relation to knowledge policy (including higher education as well as science and research policies) is still limited. At the same time, education and knowledge policies are policy areas with growing political saliency and are becoming more politicised as larger parts of public budgets are spend in this area. Therefore, this panel would like to provide a forum for scholars to address the role of political parties in shaping knowledge policies. This includes for example questions linked to the impact of ideology or institutional arrangements of the knowledge sector on party preferences, the framing and saliency of knowledge policies in relation to other issue areas, the process of transferring partisan preferences into policies, partisan differences in policy outputs or outcomes in relation to the knowledge sector as well as the way parties (inter-)act across multiple governance levels. The papers proposed for this panel should have some form of empirical foundation and can either address single case studies or use more comparative approaches. The panel has no specific regional focus and is open for contributions addressing cases from all world regions.

To propose a paper for this panel please send an abstract of 500 – 1000 words until January 20th 2015 to Jens Jungblut ( The abstract should include the research aim, the conceptual approach, the case(s) studied as well as potential methods and data. The panel chairs will then assess the proposals until January 30th 2015 and propose the panel en bloc to the section chairs. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact Jens Jungblut.

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